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Issue - 24

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April - 2019

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Cover Story

Anandadhara 2k19

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

Annual fest Ananda Dhara 2019

Like every year, this year too Brainware University in collaboration with Brainware Group of Institution came up with all its vim and zest in organizing the Annual Cultural Fest, Anandadhara 2K19. It began on 12th of April, 2019 with events varying from Volleyball, Football to T-Shirt Painting and Quiz; followed by the Annual Prize Distribution for academic and cultural excellence and culminated on 14th with a ceremonious farewell given to the students of the 2016-19 final year batches.

Performance at Brainware university fest

Anandadhara 2K19 did not only just highlight a host of sporting and gaming events but also various other activities pertaining to passion, talent and creativity; the most popular of all of which was the Cooking Competition. Working with theme ingredient of ‘Chicken’ the participants let their imaginations run wild as they conjured up lipsmacking recipes of culinary delight, making the Fest spicier than ever! Award Ceremony is always the final catch and the much-awaited segment of a competition where prizes are handed over to and accolades bestowed on the winners in recognition of their achievements. After all the events of Anandadhara 2K19 were successfully conducted, the victors in the respective tournaments were honoured with medals and certificates of merit. It not only inspires the participants to develop a positive sportsman spirit but also encourages all to strive for higher aspirations. On behalf of Brainware University, we congratulate all the champions for their efforts that finally bore fruitful results. Cheers to all! After two days of fun, games and competitions Anandadhara 2K19 concluded on a rocking note as the students sang, danced and chanted to the tunes of Revolution and Underground Authority on Sunday! We thank all the members of both Revolution and Underground Authority for their electrifying performances and the students and all other staff members for their cooperation in making this event a grand success. Asche bochor abar hobe!!

Campus news

Seminars organized by the Department of Management and Commerce

Seminar 2019 held by commerce & management dept

The Department of management and Department of Commerce jointly held three consecutive seminars on the 18th of April, 2019 at the UB II, Seminar Hall from 12 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. These seminars were conducted by three prestigious concerns- Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Ticker Plant Limited and Edification Academy.

Brainware university seminar by management and commerce department

“Importance of data feeds and news and information in BFSI” - by Mr Arindam Saha, the CEO of Ticker Plant Limited

The first seminar, which started from 12 p.m. and extended up to 1p.m., was on “Importance of data feeds and news and information in BFSI”. Mr Arindam Saha, the CEO of Ticker Plant Limited conducted this lecture session. He enlightened our students about the significance of their contribution in the financial information service industry that integrates and disseminates ultra-low latency data feeds news and information.

“Recent Changes in Global Financial Market”- by Mr Alok Daiya, the Founder and Director of Edification Academy

In the second seminar, Mr Alok Daiya, the Founder and Director of Edification Academy placed his view on the topic “Recent Changes in Global Financial Market”. Here the renowned Resource Planning explained various developments in the field of global financial markets and introduced the students to the various areas of share market. The seminar extended from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

“Campus to Corporate: The road map ahead” - by Mr.Tanmay Chatterjee, Chief General Manager (Finance), Indian Oil Corporation Limited

In the last seminar, which commenced after the lunch break from 3 p.m., Mr Tanmay Chatterjee, Chief General Manager (Finance), Indian Oil Corporation Limited expressed his view on the topic “Campus to Corporate: The road map ahead”. He enlightened the students upon the challenges they might face in managing their boss and adjusting themselves to cultural shock when they get placed in corporate sector and also guided them on how to develop communication skills and attitude to combat the same. This seminar extended up to 4:30 p.m.

Around 150 enthusiastic students from all the batches of BBA, MBA, B.Com and M.Com were present in the seminars.

Industrial Training on Data Science

30 hours industrial training on data science

Recent advancement and need of trendy technologies have motivated Department of Computational Science and Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Brainware University to conduct a 30 hours industrial training on Data Science for the students of Computer Science, Computer Applications and Hardware and Networking. Data science is a multidisciplinary blend of data inference, algorithm development and technology in order to solve analytically complex problems. To train the students, departments have collaborated with SHA Infotech to provide a systematic hands on training on data science in university premise.

Highlight of the Month

National Book Day

Remember the story of Anton Chekov where the lawyer took up a challenge of spending fifteen years in solitary prison. Guess, who was his companion during these years of complete isolation? You guessed it right. He survived entirely on books which kept him alive for fifteen long years. This is what books do. Books make us alive, aware and complete.

National Book Day celebration

But books are perishable. The library of Mughal Emperor Humayun, who was very fond of books, caught fire once, and all books got damaged. Had we had a smarter way to store books, the damage might be controlled. After the Digital Era, the problems of storing books seem solved. The Central Library of Brainware University in collaboration with the Library of BGI-SDET, jointly organize an awareness programme on “The resources of National Digital Library of India” on occasion of World Book Day on the 23rd of April, 2019, at our Barasat campus. Inaugurated by the Honorable Vice- Chancellor of Brainware University, Dr. Subrata Kumar Dey, the event stressed on spreading awareness about the various uses, resources and advantages of the digital library platform. Ms Bandana Basu (Librarian, BWU) & Mr. Sujan Bandhu Chakroborty (Asst. Librarian, BGI-SDET) discussed in details about the National Digital Library of India and how it can assist as an all-encompassing reservoir of knowledge. The programme concluded by a presentation by Mr. Biplab Kr. Chandra(Asst. Librarian ,BWU) who informed the attending audience about the history and background of the Indian Copyright Act.

Students' Corner

Industrial Visit

Brainware students at Barasat Municipality with Industrial visit poster

Brainware University does not believe that education should be confined within the boundaries of class room. Rather, the students of the University are always encouraged to have hands-on knowledge which can guide them in the professional field where practical experiences are as important as their degrees. Keeping this in mind, Department of Electrical Engineering and Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized an Industrial Visit to Barasat Municipal Corporation for the Diploma EE & ECE 2nd semester students on 20th February 2019. Under the guidance of Dr. Dilip Debnath, Dean, The School of Engineering and Mr. Krishnendu Ghosh, a faculty member from the Department of EE, students had a comprehensive understanding regarding the Grid Connected Solar Power Plant of 30kWp on the roof top of Barasat Municipal Corporation office and 20kWp (floating system on a huge pond) at Sheth Pukur, Barasat. The objective of this visit is not only to familiarize with the whole PV system but also to get practical knowledge about calculation, selection and installation of large Grid Connected PV System on roof top and on the water body. It was also to make the students understand the connection of Inverter, Import-Export meter and bus-bar to get the benefit of excess power generation from Solar PV System. Many of them are enthusiastic to set up a small PV system for their own house. Some steps are going to be taken to encourage the students in renewable energy systems. Mr. Sushanta Biswas, Assistant Director, WBREDA, Kolkata, West Bengal accompanied the students for explaining the whole system.

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