Seminar on "Ethics and Values in Learning and Teaching: Challenges for the Human and Social Development and its Role in Higher Education" at Brainware University.

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A one day seminar was organized at Brainware University on 20.04.2017, on "Ethics and Values in Learning and Teaching: Challenges for the Human and Social Development and its Role in Higher Education".We were privileged to have a great scholar Swami Atmapriyananda,Vice Chancellor Ramkrishna Mission Vivekananda University, Belur Math, as the invited speaker on the topic.

An enthusiast audience of around 200 people comprising teachers and students, headed by the Chancellor Mr.Phalguni Mookhopadhyay and Vice Cancellor Prof.Dr.Subhanshu Bandhopadhyay of Brainware University welcomed Swami Atmapriyananda.

Swami Atmapriyananda Ji, expressed his happiness to be able to talk to the young minds in the audience. He stressed on his belief that today's boys and girls are bright and enthusiastic to learn new things. The auditorium was filled with serenity as he chanted the mantra that appealed to the Supreme Lord to protect our knowledge and wisdom and its various applications. Using simple examples and stories he brought out the difference between price and value. He stressed on the fact that we possess a lot of things which are valuable, like the healthy body and the mind, Nature and its laws that the scientists believe in, and our belief in God Himself, as the one who controls nature.

Swami Atmapriyananda talked about the 'Principle of Uniqueness' and the scientific theory of Exclusive principle,that as no particles in an atom are exactly identical, so is in the universe which is entirely built of unique species.He said, if we can respect and honour and salute every 'being' on earth, we are close to 'Manavdharma' or as mentioned by Rabindranath Tagore, the 'Religion of Man'. Life is vast, immense and huge, and education gives new perspectives to life. Science is philosophy of the highest kind as well, as no scientist is dealing with particles only but with the holistic vision of life. The development of individual and society is interrelated,as a great society is an aggregate of great individuals.,and it is the values inculcated within them that make great individuals. On this context Swami Atmapriyananda Ji talked about the UNO initiated 'Sustainable Developmental Goals' in the entire world so that people would live a happy life, inspite of so much atrocities and miseries brought upon by wars, terrorism, etc. He strongly said that this principle of sustainability is based on what we call 'dharma', where 'dhri' in Sanskrit means 'holding', and 'holding the society together' can be called 'dharma'.

According to Swami Atmapriyananda Ji, 3 things necessary for a nation and an individual to become great are:(a) Conviction in the power of goodness, not goodness by-default b) Absence of jealousy and suspicion, the value in 'truthfulness' and 'purity' and (c) Unselfishness-It is every man's duty to keep all others joyful and happy, as our happiness depends on others' happiness.

Swamiji satisfied every soul by answering all questions asked to him by our teachers and students .He concluded by saying that true happiness lies in the fundamental of giving or paying away all our debts one day that we have 'taken in' from everyone around us-from our parents, teachers, institutions, even nature-completing the cycle of life, the secret of all happiness on the earth.

The seminar ended with the understanding of the importance of the feeling of 'Humanity' which can equally be called 'Divinity', that can only bring harmony and peace with nature.Each step in this direction is a step towards quality education and living.