Survey at Adopted Villages under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan 2.0, Ministry of HRD

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Development of the social, educational and technological standards of backward and underdeveloped areas, domains and regions has been considered as the top most priority by the Government of India. The Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, starting on the lines of promoting development of rural areas in tune with the Gandhian vision of self-sufficient ‘village republics’, has been into action by the government with primary importance being put on promoting and utilizing local resources and using decentralized, eco-friendly technologies so that the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, sanitation, health care, energy, livelihood, transportation, and education are locally met. Brainware University, inspired by this programme of the government has decided to act on this dictum and adopt 5 villages in the district of North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, and look after their wholesome and all-encompassing development. Along with being a premier educational institution, Brainware University also considers it its social responsibility to help and accelerate the growth of its adjoining areas and its people.

In keeping up with this ideal, the University has already taken steps to create teams from its student population and assign to them the task of surveying the adopted villages under the guidance of the teaching and non-teaching staff members. Already underway from the month of January, 2019, the programme has gained an impetus with every passing week.

Brainware University is proud to be partner of this Unnatr Bharat Abhiyan of the Government of India, and seeks to instill within its students this awareness of social responsibility. Along with creating academics, Brainware University has always considered it its responsibility to create human beings who will help drive our society and our country towards a world era.