Seminar on Social Networking

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Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter and other emerging platforms have infiltrated modern culture and impacted the workplace greatly. Organisations that have embraced social networking for better communication and relationship building, recognize the significance of this new platform in enhancing both internal and external connections more cheaply and comprehensively than the traditional media.

Recognising these multiple benefits of using social networking sites for brand promotion and awareness, Brainware University on 3rd of January, 2019 organised a seminar on social networking. In presence of University Chancellor, Mr. Phalguni Mookhopadhayay, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Subrata Kumar Dey, Registrar, Ms. Mahua Pal, and all other teaching and non-teaching faculties, the seminar addressed how to use and utilise various social media platforms for generating mass awareness and popularity.

The major focus of the seminar was on these following factors-
  • How every employee of the university could involve them towards the contribution of social networking.
  • How social branding and promotion could effectively be conducted through social sites.
  • How to encourage employees to get involved in Brainware social pages.

Setting this agenda, a number of social networking strategies were proposed-
  • Every employee should open their individual account on each social media platform.
  • All employees should like Brainware social pages.
  • Every employee should like, comment, and share each post, uploaded by the university.

Outcomes that are supposed to come out of these strategies are-
  • More like and share of Brainware social posts.
  • More social involvement, interaction as well as relationship building.
  • More external reach.