Stock Market Orientation

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After an accomplishing journey for 6 years, Stock Mind, an annual nationwide virtual stock market competition for college students is again back with their luring season 7 at Brainware University campus on 14th of November, 2018. An initiative taken by ICICI Direct, the goal of this game is to create a real-world trading environment among our highly enthusiastic student groups to sharpen their analytical, critical thinking, decision making, and quick thinking skills.

Speaker Ms. Smita Chakraborty, ZM- ICICI Securities makes every student understand what stock market is and then addresses the rule of the game. According to the game requisites, every student playing the game will be provided with virtual money of 15 lakhs that they have to invest on stock market within 7 trading days during market hours (9.15 A.M. to 3.30 P.M). After competing for the title of “Best Budding Investor” at college level, the student will be eligible to compete at national level.