Anti-Terrorism Day

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Apart from being an institution that has always prides itself in delivering top quality cost effective technical education, Brainware University has always considered its responsibility to observe and participate in social events while simultaneously educating the students and making them aware of the various social issues occurring throughout the country and the world. Keeping true to this ideal the University felt greatly honoured in celebrating Anti-Terrorism Day on the 21st of May, 2018, at its Barasat campus. We all know that there are many threats in the world those are being the thorns in the ways of development, peace, and unity. Terrorism is the most prime of them. Terrorism kills not only people but the confidence among them to live freely in the world. It is that rebellious feeling that converts a person to the devil. Terrorism has no nationality and no religion. It creates a fear among countries, peoples and communities. Terrorism is that activity, which is purposely carried to generate fear or panic amongst the masses with the sole aim to cause damage to their lives and property; a hideous exercise to unsettle people’s peaceful lives and destroy their families. Martyrdom of Rajiv Gandhi is observed throughout the country as Anti-Terrorism Day. The date so chosen is to commemorate the death anniversary of one of the most eminent Prime Ministers of India, Shri Rajiv Gandhi (20 August 1944 – 21 May 1991) who had been himself victimized by this great menace.

In paying homage to him, Brainware University observed this day commemorating and honouring the sacrifices made by the thousands of soldiers who battled against terrorism and paying respect to all those victims who lost their lives in terrorist attacks. Through speeches, debates and discussions an awareness program was held to protect the future generations from radical and extremist influences, promoting unity, peace and harmony.

The day reached its culmination with a solemn pledge, an oath taken by the teachers, students and all other staff members promising to uphold the ideals Brotherhood, Equality, Fraternity and Non-Violence of our great country. Violence only begets further violence; a sword does not cut another sword, its only cost us our limbs or our eyes.