Industry Visit for its MBA Students

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On 24 th February 2018’ (Saturday) students of MBA 2 nd Semester – Brainware Business School, went for an industrial visit to Varun Beverages Ltd. - World’s one of the largest franchisee (outside US) of Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) and Non - Carbonated Beverages (NCB), sold under the trademark owned by PEPSICO.

For MBA students, industry visit is a part of their course. Going to PepsiCo and exploring the process of manufacturing beverage in a world class facility provides students’ an opportunity to learn application of theories. This learning is a life-long asset for the students’ which they will utilize and fetch results from the day they start facing interviews with the corporate world. It will make the students of Brainware Business School students stand with speciality among other MBA students. At Brainware Business School, industry visit is not only an activity. It is so designed that students will learn by doing. The students visiting the industry are asked to study the industry they are visiting and prepare a question sheet for the questions they wish to ask to the industry representative. The questions should increase their knowledge and not asked for the sake of asking. In addition, post visit students are asked to submit a detail report on their industry visit in a specific format. The students are also asked to give a presentation on their learnings from the industry visit. This increase the confidence among students in asking questions and public speaking.

All the students are asked to behave as a management graduates so that the industry visit can get them internships and/or placements in the said industry. In this case it was Varun Beverages Ltd. About Varun Beverages Ltd. – Varun Beverages Ltd. have been associated with PepsiCo since 1990s and have over two and half decades consolidated business association with PepsiCo, increasing the number of PepsiCo licensed territories and sub-territories covered, producing and distributing a wider range of PepsiCo beverages, introducing various SKUs in portfolio, and expanding distribution network. As of March 31, 2016, Varun Beverages Ltd. have been granted franchises for various PepsiCo products spread across 17 States and two Union Territories in India. Varun Beverages Ltd. share of PepsiCo beverages volume sales, based on sales to end customers, increased from 26.46% in Fiscal 2011 to 44.12% in Fiscal 2015, computed on the basis of our Sales Volume and Euro-monitor Report data on PepsiCo sales volumes in India. Although, India is the largest market, Varun Beverages Ltd. have also been granted the franchise for various PepsiCo products for the territories of Nepal, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Mozambique and Zambia. In addition, Varun Beverages Ltd. are in the process of setting up Greenfield facility in Zimbabwe in anticipation of franchise rights being granted by PepsiCo Inc. for such territory.