StockMIND 6, organized by "ICICIdirect Centre for Financial Learning"

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"Brainware University" is proud to be a participant in a National Level Event 'StockMIND 6', organized by "ICICIdirect Centre for Financial Learning".

An initiative of ICICIdirect Centre for Financial Learning, StockMIND 6 is a contest for colleges, which challenges sharpest minds across the country by offering them a platform to learn, compete and win exciting prizes.

Education today is not just about arming students with knowledge, but equipping with several important skills for real life, such as confidence, decision making, critical thinking, far-sightedness, communication and many more.

That is just what StockMIND “a nation-wide contest hosted by ICICIdirect Centre for Financial Learning (ICFL) has aimed to do. In its four successful seasons, it has taught students not just investing and financial skills, but essential life skills that would help give their careers a boost. And judging by the two lakh fifty thousand plus participants from various streams last year, it has been extremely well received.

This time, StockMIND is bigger, challenging and lot more rewarding too. In addition to equity trading the students will be provided an opportunity to play in derivatives in the national round and a separate derivative winner will be declared and rewarded with a cash prize of Rs 20,000/. To encourage participation from female students, there are special rewards for women at every stage and also the winner in the female category gets a cash prize of Rs 10000/- in the national round.

The game is for 7 working days which the students play online during market hours. In the game, each students get 15 lacs of virtual money and the whole of stock market to play with. Highest Portfolio holder becomes the winner. The college winner takes part in the National Round.