Industry Visit - Masscom

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Industry Visit - Masscom

Media Students of Brainware University, on Jan 29, 2020, visited Business Economics office for an exposure to reporting and editorial work in the print media. The students were enriched by listening to the actual experiences of reporters of the magazine. Moreover, the details of the editorial process was chalked out to the students by the staff members of the magazine.

The designers explained to the students how the magazine is produced. The circulation process of the magazine was also described to the students by Mr. Pramod Kr. Singh General Manager, Business Economics. Mr. Aritra Mitra and Ms. Kuntala Sarkar, staff reporters, enlightening the students with their insightful experience. Mr. Saptarshi Deb (copy editor) gave a speech on the entire editing process.

The students also visited the CDC Press to see the printing process. The students were briefed about the pre-printing process, printing process, as well as the post-printing procedure by Mr. Sameer Arora (Manager). The industry visit facilitated the exposure to practical process of magazine production so that the students can develop a holistic understanding of how things function in the print media industry.