Keshab Chandra Sen's Birthday Celebration: 19 November, 2019

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Keshab Chandra Sen's Birthday Celebration: 19 November, 2019

Keshab Chandra Sen, a great intellectual and a famous Brahma leader of the 19th century Bengal is well known to all of us for his foundation of a new universal religion - 'Naba Bidhan' (New Dispensation) in 1880. He gave new life to Brahma Samaj introducing new ideas and activities in it during 1858 and 1862. As the Acharya of the Samaj, Keshab Chandra sen insisted on given up some Hindu customs and practices such as caste system, child marriage, polygamy and became the champion of widow and inter-caste marriages.

Birthday of this famous personality was celebrated in Brainware University on 19th November, 2019. Department of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics of the mentioned University were the hosts of the celebration. An inter university quiz competition on 'Socio-Religious Reform Movements in British India' had been announced on behalf of the celebration on that day where a number of students comprising 3 participants in each group took part in the competition which claim the celebration to be on the peak of achievement.

The program inaugurated with the speech of Assistant Registrar Ms. Anandita Das, Dr. Sankar Gangopadhyay, Director of Research and Dr. Joydev Chandra Hazra, Adjunct Professor of Chemistry department. Then the aforementioned competition starts showing the gratitude and respect by the faculties and students to the frame of Keshab Chandra Sen. The Quiz competition consisted with different interesting rounds for the selection of participants in final round and after successful happening of final round two groups having highest marks selected for first and second. The Quiz was conducted by Dr. Bishuddhananda Das, Assistant Professor and HOD (acting) of Physics. The celebration of the red letter day ended with a great lesson from Keshab Chandra Sen's ideas and activities.