Seminar on Innovation and Marketing

28 years of enriched organisation with undisputed success in the field of education

Mr. Chandrasekhar Banerjee, National Head, Marketing, Black Stone Agarbatti, Darshan International, was welcomed by Brainware University on the May 18, 2017, as the chief guest and speaker on occasion of a one-day seminar organized by the Management Department of the University. The topic of the seminar was Agility and Innovation in 21st Century Marketing.

Mr. Banerjee spoke about consumer demand and how sustainability of a product depends directly on the consumer demand. He elucidated further that it is not the company or the brand that dictates the market but the consumer. To sustain in a market, the brand must take care of the needs of the consumer. Necessity is the mother of all invention and to keep the consumer interested the company must innovate as well as speed up to keep competition at the edge. He even elaborated on the various market techniques that facilitate innovation such as extensive market examination, consumer research and cross examination.

We, at Brainware, thank Mr. Chandrasekhar Banerjee for his time and invaluable words of wisdom.