A one-day seminar on Brand Ambassador

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The Management Department of Brainware University organized a one-day seminar on the May 11, 2017 on the topic Brand Ambassador. The Chief Guest and main speaker was Mr. Asim Kumar Basu, CEO of Hindustan Motors Ltd. He spoke at length on the evolution of Ambassador to a brand of renown and its elevation to the status of 'the Indian Mercedes', a mark of creativity and robustness. He discussed how, in market economics, a Brand should stand the test of time, to such an extent that it becomes synonymous with the product itself. Using the example of the photocopy machine, which we call 'Xerox', he elaborated that Xerox is no longer the name of a product but has rather become a brand. He also talked about how a brand is created and how it is sustained.

Mr. Basu addressed a gathering of over 50 students, taking them through the various minute instances of Brand creation and sustenance. He gave the students a firsthand practical account of Market Economics, how to combat competition and how to sustain in the face of that competition. As his presentation came to a close, he cleared individual queries and was applauded him off the stage.

Brainware would like to thank Mr. Basu for all his valuable time and efforts...