Strategic Marketing with Relevance to Supply Chain Management

28 years of enriched organisation with undisputed success in the field of education

Mr. Abraham G. Stephanos, Managing Director, Tata Steel Processing and Distribution Limited, was welcomed by Brainware community as the Chief Guest of a one day seminar titled 'Strategic Marketing with Relevance to Supply Chain Management', organised by the Management Department, on May 4, 2017.

An eager audience of around 50 people comprising teachers and students, greeted Mr. Stephanos as he was ushered on the stage by the Vice Chancellor of Brainware University, Prof. Dr. Subhanshu Bandhopadhyay, and the Director of Management and Commerce, Prof. Dr. Ashok Kr. Mukherjee.

Mr. Stephanos was extremely pleased to address the young and prolific minds in the audience as he approached the subject in a very comprehensive and interactive way. He spoke about the broad activity of Processing and Distribution, and the various intricate operations through which optimisation is achieved. He offered a first-hand account of how Tata Steel Processing and Distribution Limited acquires the finished products from the raw materials , customises it according to the specifications of the clients, and how various discrepancies are dealt with, so that the supply and distribution chains co-exist harmoniously.

While dropping in one liner questions to the audience, Mr. Stephanos spoke at length about the gaps between producer and consumer, processing requirements, difference between price and value, service centres and various other details which gave the students a first-hand experience of how the industry works. He discussed how in an industry, just like in life, a long term strategy is absolutely essential if we are to achieve our objectives, and how one should aspire to set a benchmark in one's domain. For him, 'Benchmark' is the drive, sincerity and honesty to work hard and keep promises.

According to Mr. Stephanos three qualities are absolutely essential if we are to meet the benchmark requirements. They are: (1) Keeping one's promises (2) Keeping the service personal and (3) going to the extra mile. He added that establishment of a common understanding between the various levels and departments, can help reach the optimisation level.

Mr. Stephanos used colloquial language and examples drawn from daily life to explain his points, as well as patiently answered queries posed by teachers and students. His inputs opened up new horizons to the students who learnt about Operation and System Management and Balancing of Resources. We would like to express our heartiest thanks to Mr. Stephanos for being so resourceful, his words being extremely enlightening and inspiring.