Inauguration of Brainware's Photography club, 'Photo Frame'

28 years of enriched organisation with undisputed success in the field of education

Photo Frame, Brainware's premier photography club hosted its first open exhibition here on campus at the Engineering Phase II Building Drawing Hall on 4th of May 2017. A tireless collaboration of highly enthusiastic students and faculty members alike, this club was started in 2016, to promote awareness about Photography and channel the prevalent passion surrounding it into one creative endeavour. Inaugurated by the Honourable Chairman of the Brainware Group of Institutions, Mr. Phalguni Mookhopadhayay, the exhibition showcased 45 Photographs in print selected from over 150 entries, and was open to all photography enthusiasts.

Though in its fledgling stage, Photo Frame boasts of over 70 members from both students and faculties, and expectedly the turnout matched its popularity. The success of this Inauguration cum Exhibition stands as a testament to Photo Frame's popularity in the Brainware community.

In keeping with the free and liberal/inclusive spirit of a non competitive group, and the institution's motto of promoting extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, the club aims to spread its wings in the coming days and participate in more such exhibitions within and beyond the establishment. In its immediate plans, the club intends to carry out a membership campaign to meet the popular demands of eager students wanting to join and also organise regular meetings and workshops.

With such expressive and inspired ideals and ambitions, it is hard to see how Photo frame shall not succeed and to achieve it's long term goals.