Dept. of Multimedia: Programme Outcome

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Programme Outcome
  • Developing Aesthetic Designing skills for visually communicating ideas and expression of thoughts in the form of Indoor and Outdoor promotional and display items.
  • Creating Layout designing skills for creating Publications and Page designs.
  • Developing Photography and Image Editing skills and teaching the aesthetic use of images in Communication Designing and Commercial Designing.
  • Students will be able to create Web applications and Mobile apps using Web designing and developing skills.
  • Developing the knowledge of the 2d Animation pipeline and creating 2d Animation film from pre-production to completion of the film with post-production fabrications.
  • Giving knowledge of 3D Modelling and creating virtual scene setups with knowledge of Lighting and Texturing.
  • Developing the skill of creating 3D animations. The student will be able to animate a 3D character.
  • Developing Motion Picture skills and giving insight into editing videos and sound. The student will be able to create Special effects for Films.
  • Students will possess leadership and management skills with the best professional ethical practices. Students will attain knowledge regarding Professional Ethics and issues related to copyright.
  • Nurturing Communication skills for effectively communicating for Business and official purposes. Students will be able to develop creative writing skills and vocabulary skills.
  • Developing Social responsibility and moral consciousness among the students.