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The University library has a rich collection of texts and reference books, ranging from national and international journals, magazines, and research reports, to audios/videos, CDROMs ,and online journals in all programmes and areas of study. The library runs on web-based software, which makes issuing and depositing of books hassle-free.

  • All registered students of the University are eligible to become members of the Central Library
  • While in the library, all persons shall observe the basic and elementary principles of library ethics, obey the rules and procedures of the library, and maintain discipline enforced by the Librarian
  • Users are not allowed to distort or deface any book, magazine, newspaper. Persons held responsible for loss, damage, defacement or mutilation of books shall be liable to compensate the library in such way as may be determined by the Library Committee.
  • No book shall be issued and delivered to any person other than a duly registered borrower.
  • The Library Rules documented above may, from time to time, be changed, altered, and amended, or new rules may be added by the Library Committee. Students are thus requested to keep note accordingly.