Dept. of Multimedia Faculty Members

28 years of enriched organisation with undisputed success in the field of education

Mr. Ashok Sarkar

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.A.(English)

Experience : Academic 1.2 years, Industry 2.6 years

Research Area:Graphics & Web Design

Mr. Goutam Banerjee

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.A.(mass communication), MBA(IT)

Experience : Academic 6 years, Industry 3 years

Research Area: Video Editing & VFX

Mr. Prataya Ganguly

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.SC(Multimedia)

Experience : Academic 1.5 years, Industry 2 years

Research Area:Color Psychology and its application in Multimedia.

Mr. Subhojyoti Roychowdhury

Assistant Professor & Programme Coordinator


Experience : Academic 10.5 years

Research Area: Print Media and Printing Technology

Mrs. Susmita Dey

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.SC(Multimedia)

Experience : Academic 5 years, Industry 7 months

Research Area: 2D Digital Animation

Ms. Aradhana Das

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication

Experience : Academic 1 year

Mr. Avik Mitra

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.A.(Multimedia)

Experience : Academic 8 years, Industry 2.6 years

Research Area: CGI & VR /AR / MR

Mr. Siba Sankar Das

Visiting Professor

Qualification: Sound and T.V. Engineering from BPFTIO, B.Sc. (Mathematics) from Alagappa University

Experience: Academic 9 years, Industry 6 years

Research Area: Sound Engineering

Mr. Biraja Prasanna Kar

Visiting Professor

Qualification: MBA in HR and Marketing, Diploma in Cinematography

Experience : Academic 16 years, Industry 22 years

Research Area: CGI & VR /AR / MR

Mr. Sankha Chakraborty

Visiting Professor

Qualification: MCA

Experience: Academic 3 years, Industry 8 years

Research Area: Web & App Development