Dept. of Management: Faculty Members

29 years of enriched organisation with undisputed success in the field of education

Dr. Vivek Kumar Sinha

Associate Professor & HOD

Qualification: Ph.D (Management), MBA (Marketing Management), PGDMM, PGDM, M.Sc (Environmental Sciences), B.Sc (Chemistry Hons.)

Experience: Academic 10 years, Industry 6 years

Research Area: Product Development, Customer Satisfaction, Training & Development in Organisation, Performance Appraisal of Employees, Organisational Development, Incorporating Values & Ethics in Employee and Organisation as whole, Enviornmental Management in Organisation, Improving quality of Business Communication in Organisation, Study of Organisation's Behaviour in their work style

Dr. Kaushik Banerjee

Associate Professor

Qualification: MBA, PhD

Experience: Academic 14 years, Industry 3 years

Research Area: Labour Laws, Industrial Relations, Compensation

Mr. Harsh Arora

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MBA, Ph.D. Pursuing

Experience: Academic 11 years, Industry 11 years

Research Area: Marketing

Dr. Anirban Mandal

Associate Professor

Qualification: MSc (Eco), MBA, PhD

Experience: Academic 11 years, Industry 1 year

Research Area: Rural and Social Sector Development

Dr. Soumyajit Das

Assistant Professor

Qualification: BE, MBA, PhD

Experience: Academic 11 years, Industry 4 years

Research Area: Consumer Behaviour

Ms. Nabanita Choudhury (Visiting)

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc (Economics)

Experience: Academic 12 years

Research Area: Macro Economics, Behavioral Economics

Dr. Arindam Ghosh

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MBA, PhD

Experience: Academic 5 years, Industry 12 years

Research Area: Compensation Management, Organizational Behaviour

Dr. Rita Biswas

Assistant Professor

Experience : Academic 15 years, Industry 6 Years

Research Area: Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship

Ms. Sriparna Guha (Visiting)

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MA (Economics), PGDAEIM, PhD Pursuing

Experience: Academic 9 years

Research Area: Rural Economics, Development Economics

Dr Satya Shankar Chakraborty

Assistant Professor

Qualification: BHMS (Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery), MHA (Masters in Hospital Administration)

Experience: 3 years 7 months , Industry 6 years 9 months

Research Area: Quality Management in Hospitals

Suminder Kaur