Dept. of Management: Faculty Members

29 years of enriched organisation with undisputed success in the field of education

Dr. Kaushik Banerjee

Associate Professor & HOD (Actg.)

Qualification: MBA, PhD

Experience: Academic 14 years, Industry 3 years

Research Area: Labour Laws, Industrial Relations, Compensation

Mr. Anil Kumar Bandyopadhyay (Visiting)

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MBA, MPhil, Ph.D. Pursuing

Experience: Academic 12 years, Industry 25 years

Research Area: International Marketing

Mr. Harsh Arora

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MBA, Ph.D. Pursuing

Experience: Academic 11 years, Industry 11 years

Research Area: Marketing

Dr. Anirban Mandal

Associate Professor

Qualification: MSc (Eco), MBA, PhD

Experience: Academic 11 years, Industry 1 year

Research Area: Rural and Social Sector Development

Ms. Aparajita Sanyal

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MBA, PhD Pursuing

Experience: Academic 2 years, Industry 10 years

Research Area: STP, Consumer Behaviour

Ms. Sriparna Guha (Visiting)

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MA (Economics), PGDAEIM, PhD Pursuing

Experience: Academic 9 years

Research Area: Rural Economics, Development Economics

Mr. Soumajit Das

Assistant Professor

Qualification: BE, MBA, PhD Pursuing

Experience: Academic 11 years, Industry 4 years

Research Area: Consumer Behaviour

Ms. Nabanita Choudhury (Visiting)

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc (Economics)

Experience: Academic 12 years

Research Area: Macro Economics, Behavioral Economics

Dr. Arindam Ghosh

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MBA, PhD

Experience: Academic 5 years, Industry 12 years

Research Area: Compensation Management, Organizational Behaviour

Dr. Rita Biswas

Assistant Professor

Experience : Academic 15 years, Industry 6 Years

Research Area: Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship

Suminder Kaur


Dr. Vivek Kumar Sinha

Associate Professor

Qualification: Ph.D (Management), MBA (Marketing Management), PGDMM, PGDM, M.Sc (Environmental Sciences), B.Sc (Chemistry Hons.)

Experience: Academic 10 years, Industry 6 years

Research Area: Product Development, Customer Satisfaction, Training & Development in Organisation, Performance Appraisal of Employees, Organisational Development, Incorporating Values & Ethics in Employee and Organisation as whole, Enviornmental Management in Organisation, Improving quality of Business Communication in Organisation, Study of Organisation's Behaviour in their work style