Dept. of Mechanical Engineering: Faculty Members

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Shouvik Debnath

Mr. Shouvik Debnath

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M. Tech

Experience : Academic 6 years

Research Area:Manufacturing Technology,Micro Hardnes

Nityanando Mahato

Mr. Nityanando Mahato

Assistant Professor

Qualification:M. Tech

Experience : Academic 1 months, Industry 1 year

Research Area: Manufacturing Technology,Gas Turbine Blades

Rajat Kabiraj

Mr. Rajat Kabiraj (Visiting)

Assistant Professor

Qualification: ME, PhD Pursuing

Experience : Academic 5years 1 month

Research Area: CFD Analysis

Sayon Dey

Mr. Sayon Dey (Visiting)

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Tech

Experience : Academic 2 years

Research Area: Manufacturing

Tarun Maulik

Mr. Tarun Maulik (Visiting)

Senior Technical Assistant

Qualification: Higher Secondary, ITI and Advanced Welding

Experience : Academic 15 years, Industry 18 years

Research Area:

Debasish Hazra

Mr. Debasish Hazra (Visiting)

Technical Assistant

Qualification: I.T.I Fitter, MISTP Jadavpur University

Experience : Academic 7 years, Industry 4 years

Research Area:

Raju Roy

Mr. Raju Roy (Visiting)

Technical Assistant

Qualification: Fitter (NCVT), B.COM

Experience : Academic 7 years, Industry 13 years

Research Area:

Shyamal Saha

Mr. Shyamal Saha (Visiting)

Technical Assistant

Qualification: I.T.I (Machinist, Instructor (Machine shop), Draftsman Mechanical)

Experience : Academic 10 years, Industry 10 years

Research Area: