Dept. of Law: Faculty Members

30 years of enriched organisation with undisputed success in the field of education

Dr. Kaushik Banerjee

Associate Professor

Qualification: MBA, PhD

Experience: Academic 14 years, Industry 3 years

Research Area: Labour Laws, Industrial Relations, Compensation

Dr. Kabita Chakraborty

Associate Professor

Qualification: B.Sc(Hons.),LL.M, PH.D

Experience: 18 yrs(including practice &research)

Research Area: Juvenile Justice, Criminal Law, Constitution Law.

Moumita Mitra

Assistant Professor

Qualification: LL.M. (Tort & Crime), NET

Experience: N.A.

Research Area: Criminal law, Women and Law, Property Law, Medical Law, Human Rights, Constitutional Law, Cyber Law.

Satavisha Haldar

Assistant Professor

Qualification: LL.M (Business Law), Ph.D. (Pursuing from NUJS)

Experience: Research Assistant in ICSSR

Research Area: International Humanitarian Law, Intellectual Property Law

Soumik Ash

Assistant Professor

Qualification: LL.M. (Business Law)

Experience: Academics: 05 years 08 months

Research Area: Human Rights, International Law, Intellectual Property Law, Women’s Studies

Amrita Das Gupta

Assistant Professor

Qualification: LL.M. (Business Law), PGDHR

Experience: Academic- 07 years

Research Area: Women and Law, Employment Laws, Cyber Law, Banking Law, Criminal Law

Purbita Das

Assistant Professor.

Qualification: LL.M. (Business Law)

Experience: N.A.

Research Area: Constitutional Law, Child Law, Corporate law

Dr. Samir Bhadury

Assistant Professor.

Qualification: LLM, NET JRF, PH.D.

Experience: Academic 6 months

Research Area: Human Rights