Dept. of Humanities & Social Sciences Faculty Members

28 years of enriched organisation with undisputed success in the field of education

Dr. Gourab Chatterjee

Head of the Department, Department of Humanities and Social Science

Qualification: PhD in Comparative Literature, M.Phil in Comparative Literature, M.A in Comparative Literature, B.A in Comparative Literature

Experience : Academic 7 years

Research Area: Reception Theory, Literary Theory, Long Narrative Verse, Theory of Genre, African Literature, Cultural Studies

Mr. Alankar Das Dalal

Assistant Professor

Qualification: B.A in English, M.A in English, M.Phil in English (pursuing)

Experience: Academic 1 year 6 months

Research Area: Modern British Drama, Theatre of the Absurd, Psychoanalysis, Literary Theory, Language Studies

Mrs. Reetoja Taj

Assistant Professor

Qualification: B.A in English, M.A in English, B.Ed, PhD in English (pursuing),PGDM in Human Rights (pursuing)

Experience : Academic 6 years

Research Area: Literary Theory, Film Studies, Existentialism in Film, Iranian Film, Indian Film

Mr. Sourav Das

Assistant Professor

Qualification:B.A in English, M.A in English

Experience : Academic 1 year

Research Area: Diaspora Literature, Literary Theory, Post-Colonial Theory and Literature, ELT, Soft Skill Development

Mr. Aryabhatta Ganguly

Assistant Professor


Experience : Academic 16 years

Research Area: Modern application Development