Department of English & Literary Studies: Faculty Members

29 years of enriched organisation with undisputed success in the field of education

Dr. Gourab Chatterjee

Head of the Department, Department of Humanities and Social Science

Qualification: PhD in Comparative Literature, M.Phil in Comparative Literature, M.A in Comparative Literature, B.A in Comparative Literature

Experience : Academic 7 years

Research Area: Reception Theory, Literary Theory, Long Narrative Verse, Theory of Genre, African Literature, Cultural Studies

Mr. Alankar Das Dalal

Assistant Professor

Qualification: B.A in English, M.A in English, M.Phil in English (pursuing)

Experience: Academic 1 year 6 months

Research Area: Modern British Drama, Theatre of the Absurd, Psychoanalysis, Literary Theory, Language Studies

Mrs. Reetoja Taj

Assistant Professor

Qualification: B.A in English, M.A in English, B.Ed, PhD in English (pursuing),PGDM in Human Rights (pursuing)

Experience : Academic 6 years

Research Area: Literary Theory, Film Studies, Existentialism in Film, Iranian Film, Indian Film

Mr. Sourav Das

Assistant Professor

Qualification:B.A in English, M.A in English

Experience : Academic 1 year

Research Area: Diaspora Literature, Literary Theory, Post-Colonial Theory and Literature, ELT, Soft Skill Development