Department of Allied Health Sciences: Faculty Members

29 years of enriched organisation with undisputed success in the field of education

Dr. Somnath Ghosh

Associate Professor and HOD

Qualification: B.Optom, M.Optom, PhD (UKM, Malaysia)

Experience : Clinical: 5 years; Academic and Research: 8 years

Research Area: Visual Functions, Corneal microstructure, Corneal Degeneration, Corneal biomechanics, Contact lens and ocular surface, Age Related Macular Degeneration

Prof. (Dr.) Gopeswar Mukherjee

Professor and Dean

Qualification: MD (Path), PhD (Path)

Experience : Clinical, Academic and Research. Total 30 years in Clinical Pathology

Research Area: Cancerous cells, Anti-oxidant, Clinical Pathology

Dr. Kamalika Roy Choudhury

Assistant Professor

Qualification: B.Sc. (Microbiology Honours),M.Sc. (Biophysics & Molecular Biology), PhD (Biotechnology), Post Doc: IISc (Bangalore; DBT-IISc RA), CSIR-IICB (Kolkata; DST-SERB NPDF)

Experience : Research

Research Area: Cell Biology & Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Cardiovascular disease, Neurodegenerative disorders

Dr. Animesh Dey

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc (Physiology), PhD (JU)

Experience : Academic 8 years & Research 6 Years

Research Area: Cell Biology, Neurophysiology, Pharmacology

Dr. Sriparna De

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MSc (Biochemistry), BSc(Chemistry), PhD, Post-Doc (DST-SERB-NPDF)

Experience : Research- 3 years

Research Area: Nanoparticle synthesis, Polymer nanocomposites in biomedical field, Biosensor, Graphene based nanomaterial in various application

Mr. Joydeb Dey

Laboratory Technician

Qualification: Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology

Experience : Clinical - 3 years

Research Area: Clinical pathology (Dengue)

Amit Sarma

Assistant Professor

Qualification:M.Sc in Medical Radio-imaging

Experience : Clinical 1 year

Research Area: Efficacy of newer generation CT Scan