Dept. of Electronics and Communication Eng: Faculty Members

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Dr. Sankar Gangopadhyay

Adjunct Professor

Qualification: Ph.D.

Experience : Academic 43 years

Research Area: Fiber & Integrated optics.


Dr. Angshuman Majumdar

Associate Professor

Qualification: Ph.D (Engineering)

Experience : Academic 12 years 4 months

Research Area: Fiber and Integrated optics


Mr. Arighna Basak

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Tech (Nanotechnology).

Experience : Academic 8 Months

Research Area: Nanoelectronic Devices.

Pallabi Chatterjee

Ms. Pallabi Chatterjee

Technical Assistant

Qualification: B.Tech (Final Semester Appeared), Diploma

Experience : NA

Research Area: Communication Engineering.


Dr. Subhashis Das

Assistant Professor

Qualification: Ph. D.

Experience : Academic: 10 months, Research: 2 Years, Industrial: 1 Year

Research Area: Semiconductor Devices, Nanoelectronics, High-κ based MOSFETs,Electronic Materials, Solid State Gas Sensor

Rajkumar Mandal

Mr. Rajkumar Mandal (Visiting)

Technical Assistant

Qualification: M. Tech, Ph.D. (Pursuing)

Experience : Academic 01 year, Industry 05 years

Research Area: Semiconductor Device