Dept. of Computational Science: Faculty Members

29 years of enriched organisation with undisputed success in the field of education


Dr. Soumya Paul

Associate Professor & HOD

Qualification: Ph.D.(ENGINEERING),D.LITT

Experience : Academic 18 years Industry 6 months

Research Area: Cryptography , Network Security

Mr. Abhinandan Ghosh

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Tech(CSE)

Experience : Academic 3 years

Research Area: Data Mining & Network Security

Mr. Anindya Bose

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc (HN Technology),B.Sc (Physics), CCNA, MCSA

Experience : 19 yrs+ (15 yrs in Academic + 4 yrs in Industry)

Research Area: Awareness in Green Cloud Computing

Mr. Arpan Kisore Sarbadhikari

Assistant Professor

Qualification:M.C.A, M.Tech(Information Technology)

Experience : Academic 10 years

Research Area: Sensor Networking, Computer Vision

Mr. Ayan Mukherjee

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Tech. (Software Engineering)

Experience : Academic 12 years

Research Area: Network Security

Mr. Bappaditya Chakraborty

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.C.A, M.Tech(CSA)

Experience: Academic 8 years, Industry 1 year

Research Area: Document processing,Machine Learning

Mr. Basudev Saha

Assistant Professor


Experience : Academic 5 years

Research Area: Reconfigurable Hardware

Mr. Boudhayan Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MCA, M.Tech(CSE)

Experience : Academic 8.5 years, Industry 4 years

Research Area: Data Fusion

Ms. Dolan Ghosh

Assistant Professor


Experience: Industry 3 months

Research Area: Network Topology

Mr. Debasish Dutta

Assistant Professor(Visiting)

Qualification: MSC(IT), MCTS, MCSA, CCNA

Experience : Academic 7 years, Industry 13 years

Research Area: Data Centre Virtualization and Network administration

Mr. Jaybrata Chakraborty

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Tech(Information Technology)

Experience : Academic 8 years

Research Area: Machine Learning

Mr. Kaushik Chanda

Assistant Professor


Experience : Academic 15 years, Industry 7 months

Research Area: Web Development

Mr. Krishnendu Saha

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Tech in CSA, MCA

Experience : Academic 7 years

Research Area: Applied algorithm and Sensor Networking

Mr. Parthapratim Dasgupta

Assistant Professor


Experience: Academic 2 years

Research Area: Data Mining & IoT

Mr. Saikat Banerjee

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Tech(Information Technology)

Experience : Academic 7 years

Research Area: Digital Image processing

Mr. Sayan Bose

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MCA

Experience : Academic 4 years and 8 months

Research Area: Machine Learning

Mrs. Soma Mitra

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc (IT), B.Sc(H) Geo, O Level , A Level

Experience : Academic 18 years

Research Area: Image Recognition

Mr.Soumik Guha Roy

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Tech(Computer Science and Engineering), M.Sc(Computer and Information Science),

Experience : Academic 4 years

Research Area: Database Systems

Ms. Sumana Chakraborty

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Tech(Multimedia and Software Systems)

Experience : Academic 9 years and 8 months, Industry 1 year

Research Area: Frequent sub-graph mining

Mr. Swarup Kumar Ghosh

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Tech(Information Technology)

Experience : Academic 4 Years 4 months

Research Area: Machine and Deep Learning, Bio informatics, Text Mining, Soft Computing, Medical Imaging

Mr. Madhab Bandyopadhyay

Assistant Professor


Experience : Academic 9 years

Research Area: Modern application Development

Ms. Jayeeta Ghosh

Technical Assistant

Qualification: in Computer Science and Engineering

Experience : Academic 2 months

Mr. Anupam Sarkar

Technical Assistant

Qualification: (computer scince), Diploma in IT from NIIT, hardware and networking from Jetking

Experience : Academic 4 months

Mr. Ranjit Seal

Technical Assistant

Qualification: Diploma in Electronics & Telecomm, CCNA-Global, MCP-Windows Server

Experience : Industry 18 years