DEPT. OF ENGLISH AND LITERARY STUDIES : Program and Educational Objective

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  • Students of this programs shall gain profound knowledge in various disciplines viz., Old and Middle English Literature, Literature in the Age of Chaucer, Romantics, Neo-Classicals, Victorians, Modern, Post-Modern and Contemporary periods. Along with this they will also gain profound insight into need of the hour topics like Gender Studies, Indian Writing in English, Indian Writing in English Translation, Non-British Literature including African, Canadian, Caribbean and Australia-New Zealand. Students will be allowed the liberty to choose their specializations from a wide pool of Electives such as Border Narratives, Digital Humanities, Graphic Narratives, Detective Fiction, Science Fiction, Marginal Literature in India and Literature and Other Arts to cater to the requirements of various of profiles like Teacher, Editor, Writer, Content Developer along with the ability to conduct interdisciplinary research.
  • Students of English will be trained and assisted to develop into highly competent individual professional with practical skills by igniting their artistic temper and promoting their intellectual thirst to quest ahead towards competitive examinations and diverse careers in the field of Education sector, Publishing sector, Digital Humanities sector and Research.
  • Qualities like discipline, professionalism, team spirit, communication skills, social and ethical commitment will be the standard of the education imparted to the post graduates students of the English department in order for them learn by example and adorn leadership roles facilitating improvement in the scopes of their professional world.
  • To give the students an outline of the professional sector through industry – institute interface and collaboration works with other academic, medical and research organizations resulting in confidence building, knowledge advancement and entrepreneurial competencies. All the graduates will be able to work in multidisciplinary team and will be socio-ethically responsible also.
  • To encourage the students to undertake higher studies by giving them the platform to further their cognitive, reasoning, assessing, analytical and interdisciplinary skills.