Dept. of Electronics and Communication Eng: Vision and Mission

29 years of enriched organisation with undisputed success in the field of education

To create an educational environment of excellence in which students of Electronics department are enriched adequately in terms of modern technical knowledge along with ethical and social values as well.


  • To impart high quality knowledge of electronics and professional ethics to students.
  • To develop practical skills of the students adequately.
  • To put emphasis on innovative project work related to the demand of the society.
  • To adopt the pedagogical methods suitable for maximum knowledge transfer.
  • To promote sincerity in teaching - learning, nobility in profession and service to the society.
  • To generate motivation for quality research work in the area of contemporary interest for enriching the intellectual property.
  • To provide needful facilities to the students, researchers and faculty members for creating an atmosphere conducive for excellence in technical education and research.