Dept. of Electronics and Communication Eng: Programme Educational Objectives

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  • To enrich the students with the knowledge of Mathematics, basic principles of Engineering , Computing, Basic Sciences, Social Sciences in general and Electronics and Communication Engineering in particular so that students can develop necessary skill to analyse and synthesize electronic circuits, algorithms and complex apparatus required for communication systems and devices.
  • To make students competent enough to provide user friendly, cost effective and socially acceptable solutions of real life technical problems involving electronics hardware, communication and software engineering.
  • To encourage research work among the faculty members as well as the students so as to achieve sustainable development and earn global recognition thereof.
  • To expand collaboration and partnerships with Industrial houses and research centers.
  • To equip the students adequately in professionalism, smart and ethical conduct, interpersonal skills and adaptability in communication as per prevalent trends so that they can prove themselves professionally competent in service or entrepreneurship both at National and International level.