Dept. of Cyber Science & Technology: VISION and MISSION

31 years of enriched organisation with undisputed success in the field of education


certificates_icon Vision

We provide a holistic education to nurture our students into passionate innovators who will use their knowledge of Cyber Science & Technology to think beyond conventional means, take risks and experiment in order to overcome challenges, initiate change and make a positive difference to human lives. Our students will discover themselves, have a sense of purpose and be distinctive in the way that they demonstrate 21st century skills and competencies in case of Cyber Security is concerned.

partnership_menu Mission

  • Brainware University has training tailored to your needs if you are new to networking.
  • Through our unique applied learning approach and innovative use of Networking & Cyber Security technology, Brainware University seeks to connect students’ hands, heads and hearts so that they will be engaged learners in the present, and empathetic digital citizens and leaders in the community in the years ahead.
  • Life-long learners of Character who are imbued with intellectual curiosity and humility, and intrinsic motivation to continue to learn and grow, whilst squarely anchored in ethical values.
  • Promote the adoption of information security standards, processes, methods, best practices and tools.