Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering: Programme Educational Objectives

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Our program educational objectives for students 4 years after graduating with a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science and Engineering are that they will be: 

  • High-level attainment of key principles and practices of computation, mathematics and basic principles of engineering to ensure that graduates are able to apply their software development skills in design and implementation of practical systems consisting of software and/or hardware components.
  • Analyze real-life problems and impart science-based engineering education to develop professional skills  that will prepare the students for immediate employment in the industry. Graduates will be actively engaged in learning, understanding, design and applying new ideas and technologies as the field evolves along with participation in creative, synthetic and integrative activities of the relevant branch of engineering.
  • Excellence in professionalism, moral and ethical conduct, understanding of social context and interpersonal skills with adaptable communication to develop a global view among graduates so that they can appreciate diversity in the world and in intellectual pursuits.