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Brainware University now offers a truly global education for its students. Brainware has now collaborated with institutions of repute like Lincoln University College, Malaysia, Sichuan Technology and Business University, China and National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN).

Academic Collaboration : Lincoln University College,Malaysia

Now your lifelong dream to study abroad, to gain knowledge from an international perspective, to explore and enjoy foreign cultures, to gain academic as well as professional exposure on a global level will all come true! Brainware has entered into an academic collaboration with Lincoln University College—a reputed college in Malaysia. This collaboration entails student and faculty exchange programmess, joint academic seminars, joint research, curriculum development, educational tours and so on.

Now students as well as faculty from Brainware will be able to benefit from a truly global learning experience, as they will be able to go to Lincoln University College at Malaysia under the student and faculty exchange programmes, and on educational tours. This is another milestone achieved by Brainware University in creating an opportunity of a truly world class learning experience for its students.

Academic Collaboration : Sichuan Technology and Business University, China

After the prestigious collaboration with Lincoln University College, Malaysia, Brainware University has now entered into another notable collaboration with Sichuan Technology and Business University, China! This collaboration has been made by both parties in good faith and with a lot of enthusiastic effort so that the students of both the Universities receive international exposure and in certain cases, dual degrees and diplomas. There will be an active exchange of scholars, faculty and students under this collaboration.

We look forward to many such collaborations with more international Universities in the future!

Non Academic Collaboration:

Brainware has also collaborated with National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) for the budding entrepreneurs of Brainware University. This collaboration will provide all the support and insights that our students who aspire to be entrepreneurs need with their start-ups. Moreover, our students will be able to access the online certification courses on entrepreneurship offered by NEN. In addition to that, our students will now be able to access all the online resources offered by NEN via a licensed software, Learn WISE.