28 years of enriched organisation with undisputed success in the field of education


I feel overjoyed to announce that Brainware is now Brainware University. Or, It gives me great pleasure to announce that Brainware is now a University. As conventional institutions fall short of the modern student's rising expectations, there is a growing trend of private universities cropping up to fill those gaps. In fact, a great majority of bright students and scholars are now turning to private universities because of the wide variety of facilities that they have got to offer, such as Wi-Fi campuses, cloud computing based methods of study, Web based interactive programmes, well equipped labs, multi-skilling, and many more.

We aspire to take technical education a step forward. Utilizing our 25 year long experience in education, we would focus on Information Technology, Management, Engineering and Skill training at our University, courses that would foster employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

The foundation of a strong and self-reliant nation largely rests on its youth, and our aim is to create a vibrant students' community who will not only compete successfully in the global arena, but will also commit to society for a better tomorrow.

To promote active and multidisciplinary education, the University will allow research works to be conducted in the areas of IT, Management, Skills and Basic Sciences. Moreover, talks with universities abroad for various collaborations are on.

Students' welfare is our priority. And we pledge to prepare them for the challenges of an increasingly competitive world.

Please wish us luck ...