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Business Analytics


A smart business course for the new generation. Master Business Analytics from the comfort of your home. Our expert designed course covers Data visualisation, Exploratory Data analysis, and Predictive Analytics to make sure you learn everything you need to upskill your career in the corporate world.

Duration : 48 Hours / 2months, Weekly 2 days / 3 hrs a day

Learning essential : Computer with broadband connection

Course Details

Unit 1 : Data Visualization and Story Telling (Understanding the business Problem and formulating hypothesis,Analyzing pattern in data,Story telling using data visualization technique,Project)

Unit 2 : Exploratory Data Analysis, Inferential Tools and Optimization Techniques (Inferential statistics,Hypothesis testing,Data Envelopment Analysis,Project)

Unit 3 : Predictive Analytics (Regression, Forecasting, Classification, Clustering, Project)

Special Features

  • Case/Project based approach to learning
  • Conceptual understanding of analytical techniques
  • Hands-on statistical analysis using R/Excel
  • Live & interactive digital learning
  • One on one interactions at a cost

Job Opportunities

  • Business Analyst : Data Architect, Data Scientist and Data Analyst
  • Quantitative Analyst : Quantitative Modeler, Financial Analyst
  • Operations Research Analyst : Business Operations Analyst, Operations Analyst, Operations Business Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst

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