Spectra Eye hospital visit: Hands-on training opportunity for Optometry students

Spectra Eye hospital visit: Hands-on training opportunity for Optometry students

Brainware university students visiting spectra eye hospital

Due to the vast population of India, the country is struggling hard to meet the healthcare needs of its people and the main reason behind this is the shortage of human resources in this sector. The doctor to patient ratio in India was 1.34:1000 in 2017, as per the National Library of Magazine data. 

Allied Health Sciences: Importance in Indian healthcare

The role of the Allied Health professionals (AHPs) has become all the more important in this context. The AHPs can overcome the existing threats in a systematic way and can assimilate the opportunities in the best possible manner. 

Allied Health Sciences is such a discipline where practical training and hands-on learning are of utmost importance. At Brainware University, frequent hospital visits and healthcare camps are organised so that the students can get experiential learning. 

Allied Health Sciences: Hospital visit for hands-on learning

Recently, a hospital visit for the Optometry students was organised in collaboration with Spectra Eye Hospital. The students got to observe the various processes of eyecare and received training sessions from Clinical Optometrists and Ophthalmologists. The students got their trainings for the following departments:

  1. i) Refraction
  2. ii) A-Scan

iii) B-Scan

  1. iv) VHF Vision Therapy
  2. v) Opthalmic Dispensing

spectre hospital location

Allied Health Sciences courses: What Brainware University offers? 

Brainware University offers four-year Bachelor of Optometry (BOPTM)  programme. The other Allied Health Sciences programmes that are being offered by the university include: 

1) Bachelor of physiotherapy

2) B.Sc in Medical Lab Technology

3) B.Sc in Physician Assistant

4) B.Sc in Medical Radiology and Imaging Technology

5) B.Sc in Operation Theatre Technology

6) B.Sc in Critical Care Technology

Furthermore, Diploma programmes in Medical Lab Technology and Radiography (Diagonistics) are also offered. 

Allied Health Sciences courses: Fully-equipped lab for Optometry students

The 4-year Bachelor of Optometry programme at Brainware University is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the optical health system. Furthermore, the students will get access to the fully-equipped Optometry laboratory. The instruments at the Optometry lab include: 

  1. Lensometer to assess the spectacle power 


    2. Retinoscope to assess the refractive error of the eye

on going retinoscope test

3. Keratometer to assess the corneal curvature

In-hand training in Keratometries

4. Slit lamp to assess the anterior segment of the eye

sit lamp scaling

5.Trial frame to hold the trial lenses

Trail frame scaling

6. Auto refractometer that gives the value of refractive error digitally

Auto refractometer

7. Vision drum to check vision

Vision drum scaling

8. Trail box that helps in performing refraction, loose prism etc.

Trail box showcase 

Allied Health Sciences: Experiential learning

From the laboratory facilities, practical training sessions, hospital visits and health check-up camps, it is evident that the students will get extensive hands-on training through the hospital-industry immersion programmes. 

Brainware University has hospital tie-ups with more than 35 reputed hospitals including Narayana Multi Speciality Hospital, Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, DESUN Hospital, Medica Superspeciality Hospital, BM Birla Heart Research Centre and others. 

Brainware University: Placement record

The placement cell of Brainware University is also very active and conducts pre-placement trainings for the students from day one. Boot camp sessions also take place to train the students with HR skills. 

The placement cell maintains a network with more than 500 recruiters across the country. In 2021, the university recorded 98% placement. In 2022, the placement session is going on in full swing and more than 500 students have already been placed. 


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