top engineering colleges in Kolkata

Looking to join a top engineering college? Let’s look at what makes a institution special

What makes a Top Engineering College?

  • World-class faculty
  • Great infrastructure
  • Good labs
  • Strong Curriculum
  • Excellent Placement Records
  • Strong industry connections



  • Courses mapped to industry standards
  • Training in latest industry trends
  • Extremely strict no ragging policy
  • Regular industry visits and exposure
  • Tie ups with International Educational Companies
  • Pre-Placement Training from Day One
  • A strong mentoring system for guidance
  • Digital learning platforms

Opportunities for Engineers in Post-COVID era:

  • More and More companies are choosing to go digital so the IT sector and ECE sector can expect a big boom in job availability
  • Cloud Computing, Remote Sensing, Clean Energy, Green Construction Techniques, and Robotics are the leading emerging areas.
  • Remote working platforms will require new recruits to be digitally literate.
  • Candidates with a working knowledge of computerised Business Analytics and Cyber Security will benefit from the digital drives.
  • Aspiring Engineers must also look into computerised pharmaceutical algorithm development which will undoubtedly be one of the most lucrative fields.

Career Demand

Jobs for engineers will go up by 7% in the post-pandemic era(Source: BLS). More workforce will be needed to speed our lagging economy. So don’t worry with the right training nothing can stop you from getting your dream job!

Top Engineering Colleges in West Bengal:

Amity University

Brainware University

Techno India University


Key point: The main takeaway is that while choosing a university look at all its aspects, even the trivial ones like canteen facilities, the campus atmosphere. It is a long journey and you want it to be as smooth as possible.