Dept. of Biotechnology and Biosciences: Labs and Workshop

30 years of enriched organisation with undisputed success in the field of education

The laboratories of biotechnology department are well equipped with all the essential modern instruments and research facility. We have developed a total of six laboratories listed below:

Laboratory Facilities/Service Available
Animal Biotechnology Lab. Biochemistry, Animal physiology, Immunology, Cell biology etc.
Plant Biotechnology & Cytogenetic Lab. Plant physiology, LAF, Plant Growth Chamber, Cytogenetics, Breeding etc.
Microbiology Lab. LAF chamber, Anaerobic culture unit, BOD facility etc.
Bioprocess Technology Lab. Bioreactor, Fermentation unit, Down-stream processing unit, Enzymology etc.
Molecular Biology Lab. PCR, Gel-electrophoresis unit, Gel-doc system, DNA, RNA, Protein experimental facility, .V. Trans illuminator, Micro Centrifuge Machine,
Instrumental Facility Lab. Microscope, Centrifuge, Incubator, Shaker, Water-bath, pH meter, Weighing Balance, Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate, Water Distillation Plant etc.
Other Lab/Workshop:
  • Lab for Mushroom spawn production.
  • Lab for Plant tissue culture and nursery development.
  • Lab for biofuel production.
  • Lab for waste water treatment.
  • Lab for soil testing facility.