Beyond academics

28 years of enriched organisation with undisputed success in the field of education

Beyond academics

Brainware University, in its attempt to offer maximum assistance to its students, has introduced Mentoring as an essential aspect of learning process. Here each teacher plays a dual role-that of an educator and strict disciplinarian, and that of a confidante. In him or her students will discover their friend, philosopher and guide.

Workshops and seminars, industry-institute interface programmes,hands-on training by means of in-plant training, opportunities to work on live business projects and interact with entrepreneurs, corporate forerunners and industrial leaders - all these and more are provided through lectures, seminars, and group discussions.

Brainware University, primarily, targets to enlighten students and expand their horizons. With that on mind, we offer ample opportunities to students to participate in organised industrial training programmes. Students are required to do industry internship or training visits as an essential part of their curricula. Such exposures equip them with invaluable hands-on experience and assist them in facing the challenges and expectations of the industrial and corporate sector.

Besides there are sports, cultural events, fests, conferences, quiz competitions, NSS activities, and many more....

After all , our efforts are constantly fueled by our loving concern for our dear students..