Dept. of Allied Health and Sciences: Vision and Mission

31 years of enriched organisation with undisputed success in the field of education


  • To emerge as Centre of Excellence & promote innovational leadership in the health sciences and educational research.
  • To provide skilled manpower and technological expertise in vast area of health care delivery system.
  • To impart quality assurance in medical plethora by amalgamating teaching, research and technology through translucent system of good community.
  • To ensure improved patient safety management through reasonable, eco-friendly services to health care community.

The department of Allied health sciences will open a new avenue/horizon to uphold, miniaturize and mount intellectual, philosophical, academic and sterile thoughts. Also it will facilitate prospects in various healthcare providers by exchanging versatile informations worldwide. The accumulation of speculative thoughts and their novel implementation will simultaneously assist to achieve the graduates who can assure the prosperity of human beings through several medical technological advances.