Dept. of Allied Health Sciences: Labs and Workshop

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Laboratory Details

The laboratories of Allied health department are well equipped with all the essential modern instruments and research facility. We have developed a total of four laboratories listed below:

Laboratory Facilities/Service available
Medical Laboratory Technology lab-I Hot air oven, PH meter, Rotary shaker, Electric balance, Microscope, Centrifuge, Auto clave, Serological bath, Magnetic stirrer, RIS-24 puls LCD version, Refrigerator, Pipette, ESR stand
Medical Laboratory Technology lab-II Electric balance, Microscope, PH meter, Magnetic stirrer, Centrifuge, Spiro meter, Hot air oven, Serological bath, Pipette, ESR stand
Optometry lab Refraction chair unit, Slit & lamp, Standard trial set, Examination pen torch, Streak retinoscope, Manual lens meter, Metal adjustable trail frame, Jackson cross cylinder, Standard vision drum, Near vision chart, Direct ophthalmoscope, Keratometer, RAF ruler, Ichihara color vision chart
Basic science lab Skeleton, Giant size ear, Giant size eye, Brain with arteries, Unisex Torso morel, Eye with orbit, Kidney with adrenal gland, Model of skin, Microscope, Electric balance, Hot air oven, Electric balance, Serological bath, Magnetic stirrer