Our Vision, Mission & Approach:

With excellent track record and brand value and Over 30 years of experience in education

Vision: Our vision is to consistently nurture and develop world-class human talent, and make significant contribution towards the growth of global economy and the society at large.

Mission:Our mission is to empower students to fulfil their career aspirations, help them become readily employable, and prepare them for a successful, scalable and sustainable professional future.

Our Approach:

  1. The Training, Placement & Employability Development function of Brainware University comprises of a dedicated team of senior cross-functional experts – Corporate Relation Managers, Student Mentors, University Professors, Industry Consultants, HR Specialists, Communication Trainers, Employability Enhancement Trainers and Soft Skill Experts.
  2. Focus of the University’s placement and competency building activities are aimed at developing the students’ general, employable and transferable skills, along with subject-matter knowledge, skills and expertise.The primary strategy is to persistently mentor each student through her/his University program-cycle, provide guidance, simulate and expose them to real-life professional paradigms, encourage them to apply their ingenuity under different circumstances, empower them to identify and develop their inherent strengths and identify and curb their deficiencies – to improve our students’ employability quotient.
  3. Placement & Career Development initiatives are aligned to the overall aims of the university programs and are reflected in the course specifications and pedagogy.
  4. There are defined procedures on how placements are secured and allocated, including what happens if a student fails to secure a placement.
  5. All requirements of Professional, Statutory or Regulatory Bodies regarding placements are taken into account.
  6. Sincere consideration is placed on creating learning opportunities, feedback and support and guidance and on ensuring health, safety and equality for the students.
  7. Processes are in place to ensure complete clarity regarding the assessment methods that are being/will be used for placement activities.
  8. Processes are in place to ensure that students and placement providers are made aware of the expectations, rights and responsibilities placed on each.
  9. The Training, Placement & Employability Development function of Brainware Universityensures that there are appropriate procedures and metrics in place for monitoring and evaluation of placements, including gathering and acting on feedback collated from placement providers and students, to usher continuous improvement in the processes and outcome.
  10. Procedures are firmly in place to collate and act on student complaints. Mechanisms are in place for resolution of any disagreements arising between the University and its recruiting partners.