Dept. of Management: Program Educational Objectives

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The vision of the Business School articulated through the mission statement is accomplished through the defined PEOs. The educational objectives of a programme are the statements that describe the expected achievements of graduates within first few years of their graduation from the programme. The programme objectives are guided by global and local needs, vision of the institution, long term goals etc. The program objectives are expected to continuously evolve in agreement with local employers, industry, R & D advisors, and the alumni. Following PEOs have been defined.

Program Educational Objectives: Graduate of the management and commerce program will

  1. Become competent managers with solid foundation in management suitable for industry in specific and administration in general.
  2. Apply the managerial and analytical abilities gained through core courses of Business Administration.
  3. Apply problem solving skills in strategic as well as operational areas of business management.
  4. Become effective collaborators / innovators in efforts to address business, economic and social challenges and changes
  5. Become honest professionals full of integrity and ethical values so that they become responsible managers and citizens