Dept. of English and Literary Studies: Vision and Mission

31 years of enriched organisation with undisputed success in the field of education

Vision & Mission

The Department of English and Literary Studies aims to assist the students of liberal education by developing a critical understanding of literature and culture. The department will endorse research based activities and encourage students to pursue higher education in diverse areas. It will also make the students well-equipped with the knowledge of language, communication and soft skills so that they can excel in their professional space.


  • The Department endorses an overall growth of students and faculty members by promoting research in interdisciplinary and socially relevant areas.
  • It helps students to see themselves as professionals, with expertise in communication and soft skills and abilities valuable in the corporate as well as in the education sector.
  • It helps students to develop a thorough and comprehensive understanding of society and history, the cultural and literary diversities of the world.
  • It balances the needs of general education by incorporating global perspectives in the curriculum and offering courses on language, communication and culture.