Career & Employability Development

With excellent track record and brand value and Over 30 years of experience in education

The Career & Employability Development Centre at Brainware University was formed with the vision of extending innovative methods of learning and education, to persistently nurture human talent, to systematically improve the employability quotient of young graduates, and to make decisive contribution to the burgeoning knowledge economy.

Our Career & Employability Development Unit extends training, services, resources, tools, relevant skills, expertise and experience to empower the students and to facilitate their journey of building a successful, satisfying and sustainable career.

We work closely with the industry to not only build curriculum and pedagogy of our University programs, but also to acquire and leverage inputs and guidance from the industry while designing and implementing our ‘employability skills development’ program for our students. We are committed to making our students industry-ready and globally deployable, by establishing strategic partnership, collaboration and linkages with the industry and its various components and participants.

The Unit’s relentless endeavour is to orient and equip students to be able to adapt and meet the dynamic and ever-emerging needs of economies, industries and their constituents. Hence, we make your employability development programs well-researched, industry-driven and futuristic. Encouragement for academic excellence, facilitation for an intellectually stimulating learning environment, competency building, active support for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, holistic development and integration of human talent with the emerging needs of the industry are the primary objectives of Brainware University’s Career & Employability Development Unit.

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