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Issue - 60

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May - 2022

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Cover Story

Upwards and Onwards : Chancellor, Shri Phalguni Mookhopadhyay awarded Education Eminence 2022 award for University with Best Placement

Chancellor, Shri Phalguni Mookhopadhyay awarded Times of India Business Award 2022

Chancellor Shri Phalguni Mookhopadhyay was awarded the News 18 Education Eminence 2022 award for leading the University with Best Placement. We are grateful to all our stakeholders for continuously inspiring us to do better. This award belongs to the Brainware family and our students whose achievements keep on making us proud. We are honored to be able to help them shine the way they deserve.

Campus News

2-day National Conference on 'Current Scenario and Challenges in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research'

Euphoria Gen X Online Technical Session on Virtual Industry Visit with Recent Trends in IT Industry

The 2-day National conference on 'Current Scenario and Challenges in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research' was organized by the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology where eminent researchers and industry experts gathered together to talk about the future of the field. The main idea was to bridge the industry-academia divide and inspire students to pursue emerging job areas that often go unnoticed. As always, we are committed to providing the best for our students.

Workshop on PLC

Earth Day Celebration

Experience the Brainware advantage, the Department of Electrical Engineering in collaboration with Ardent Computech Private Limited organized a special Workshop on PLC on May 30, 2022 to help students know about the future of robotics and electronics in India. Mr. Soumyadip Sarkar(Senior Faculty, Ardent Computech Pvt. Ltd) was the guest speaker for the event. Mr. Sarkar introduced students to the way in which PLC is used for industrialized automation in various sectors. The speaker also talked about the potential for PLC technology to be used across industries, increasing the job scopes for students. After leaving students with tips to improve their career, Mr. Sarkar encouraged them to keep on working hard.

Webinar on The Future of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

A Workshop on Next Gen Game Designing

The Department of Computational Science organised a Webinar on The Future of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency on May 9, 2022 at 5 PM. Mr. Prasanna Lohar(Founding member of India Blockchain Foru) and Mr. Devesh Chawla( Founder and CEO of Chatur Ideas, Advisor with Crypto University) were the facilitators for the event. The speakers introduced students to the way in which cryptocurrency is changing and what makes it so popular along with introducing them to helpful resources that will aid them in making a successful career.

Celebration of World AIDS Vaccine Day 

Industry Visit to Chitrabani Library

 The Department of Biotechnology and Smart Management Consultancy organized a special webinar to celebrate the “World Aids Vaccine Day” on May 18, 2022 to spread awareness regarding AIDS and break the hush of shame surrounding it. Mr. Soham Banerjee (House Genetic and Medical Counselor, KAMINENI Hospital, Hyderabad) discussed the role of biotechnology in the development of AIDS Vaccine.   The speaker urged the students to spread awareness within their own communities. The final part of the session was devoted towards answering the students’ career related questions. We hope that together we can all contribute towards building a healthier world. 

Workshop for Gender Sensitization Cell on Gender Equality and Freedom 

Workshop on Salesforce Basics

The Gender Sensitization Cell of Brainware University organized a Workshop on Gender Equality and Freedom on May 14, 2022 at 2 PM to promote gender equality in all spheres.To that end, we invited Dr.Rohini Dharmapal(Assistant Professor, Dept of Education, RKSMV Vidyabhaban)  Ms. Dhriti Chatterjee(Performer, Trainer and World Renowned Vocal Coach) a part of the revolutionary group of women priests who are challenging commonplace rituals and instilling the active role of women within the domain of religion. Throughout the workshop the speakers motivated the students to challenge unquestioned norms. They narrated from their experiences how people from all communities have supported them in their endeavors.The audience were motivated and promised to actively work towards creating an equitable society.

Mathematics courses and career opportunities with skill based education - Need of the Present

World Intellectual Property Day

The Department of Mathematics, Brainware University organised a ‘Workshop on Mathematics courses and career opportunities with skill based education-Need of the Present’ on May 23, 2022 at 3 PM. Prof. Aradhana Dutt Jauhari(Division Chair, Department of Mathematics, Galgotias University) was the guest speaker for the event who guided students on the career opportunities and skill development resources available. She shared that interdisciplinary research is the way ahead in the future especially in the field of automation and cloud computing.

Voluntary Blood Donation Camp

Webinar on How to plan for startup and legal & ethical steps

Brainware University in collaboration with Barasat Government Hospital organised a 'Voluntary Blood Donation Camp' on May 12, 2022, encouraging everyone to participate in this noble cause. Many young people came forward to donate blood for the first time. Dr. Gunadhar Singh Sardar, MOIC, North 24 Parganas District Hospital Blood Centre was present throughout the event. The students got a chance to participate in a good cause and learn about the process.

National Technology Day Celebration

Workshop on Quality Assurance

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering in collaboration with Institution’s Innovation Council organised a special Webinar to celebrate National Technology Day on May 11, 2022. The programme was intended to honor the role of technology in making our world more accessible. The celebration kicked off with Dr. Shivnath Ghosh(Associate Professor) sharing the many ways in which technology has changed our lives for the better. We hope the students can contribute to the nation’s development.

Workshop on Stock Market Analysis

Workshop on Business Model Canvas

To give students industry training on stock market analysis a workshop was conducted on May 16, 2022 where Mr. Sanat Bhardwaj(Industry Expert & Industry Consultant in BFSI, National Stock Exchange) spoke about state of the industry and the ways in which students can prepare themselves for a future in this area. Mr Bhardwaj talked about trading instruments and techniques to evaluate the market better. . He also discussed how stock market analysis enables investors to identify the intrinsic worth of a security even before investing in it and how all stock market tips are formulated after thorough research by experts. With Brainware you can always be assured that we shall provide unmatched career guidance.

One-day Industrial Visit to 33/1 kV substation

Workshop on Business Model Canvas

To allow students a glance at the way power generation works, the Department of Electrical Engineering, Brainware University organised a One-day Industrial Visit to "33/11 kV substation" under Barasat Division WBSEDCL on May 17, 2022. Having studied about power generation in their textbooks,the students were excited to get to see it working in real time. The technical head of the substation took the students on a tour where he introduced the various components that all work together to produce electricity. The students also got a chance to ask their career related queries to the technical head and got mentored on the government and non-governmental opportunities that exist in the field of electrical engineering.

Webinar on How to plan for startup and legal & ethical steps

Workshop on Business Model Canvas

To give the students an introduction to the immense business opportunities that exist, Entrepreneurship Development Cell of  Brainware University arranged a virtual seminar along with Institution's Innovation Council on the topic How to plan for startup and legal & ethical steps on May 7, 2022 . The speaker of this event was a student of the Department of Law, Ms. Ekata Deb. Ms. Deb discussed the basics of startups, including its initiation, funds, legal and marketing analytics, financial strategies, organization management, ideation, insights to intellectual property rights, importance of Udyam Aadhar, MSME, ISO and so on . The session focused on the benefits for all the young aspiring individuals  who are planning for their individual startup.

Workshop on Quality Assurance

Workshop on Business Model Canvas

To help students learn about career opportunities in Quality assurance, the School of Management and Commerce, Brainware University organised a workshop on “Quality Assurance” on April 27, 2022. Anupam Mukherjee (Quality Assurance Manager, Ruby Hospital, Kolkata,West Bengal) spoke about the different aspects of Quality Assurance and its importance in the present scenario. This workshop was beneficial for students to understand the commitment to meet Quality Assurance goals and also how important it is to prevent and reduce risks and errors that occur to patients during provision of health care aimed to sensitize and bring awareness about what quality assurance is all about.

Workshop on Business Model Canvas

Workshop on Business Model Canvas

Have a business dream that you want  to fulfill? The Department of Management & Commerce, organised a Workshop on Business Model Canvas on May 10, 2022 to assist first-generation entrepreneurs to establish a successful business venture. Startups have contributed greatly towards the government's vision to build a self-reliant India and increase job-availability. For this purpose we had the pleasure to host Dr Harsh Arora(Associate General Manager, BADA Business) as the guest speaker. As a successful entrepreneur, Dr Arora shared anecdotes about his own journey where he had to embrace both failure and success.

Highlight of the Month

Anandadhara 2K22

Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court, ISIL and ILI Visit— An Educational Tour

Brainware University came together to celebrate creativity and togetherness through our grand fest Anandadhara 2k22. Students spend two days filled with laughter and merriment after the long drought that was the pandemic. We had a host of cultural events planned for them, from singing to fashion shows. The final day of the event came to an end with a glorious band performance where the students promised that they would always come back together as part of the Brainware family no matter what lies ahead.

Students’ Corner

Rebuttal Rebels: A Debate Competition

Sing Thy Muse- A Self-Composed Poetry Recitation Competition

To provide students with the opportunity to showcase their speaking skills the Department of English and Literary Studies in collaboration with the Communication Club organized ‘Rebuttal Rebels: A Debate Competition’. The participants were given a variety of topics on which they had to argue to establish their point. We were pleased to see the students’ argumentative and logical thinking skills which we hope they will carry through to their later life.

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