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Issue - 56

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January - 2022

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Cover Story

Industry Visit on “Software Delivery Life Cycle: A Simplified Discussion”

New-generation industry visits for future leaders

The Department of Computational Science, Brainware University organised an Industry Visit on “Software Delivery Life Cycle: A Simplified Discussion” on January 28, 2022 to give students a glimpse into what it means to work in the IT industry. Students got a chance to interact with seasoned industry insider Mr. Shamik Halder(General Manager and Practice Head, OSS Inventory Management (OSP+ISP),DevOps Driver), the resource person for the event who explained the basic skills an aspirant needs to have in order to make it big in the field. He urged participants to explore arenas beyond their curriculum and develop niche areas of expertise based on market trends.

One-day Virtual Industry Visit on “Big Data Analytics in Healthcare”

The Department of Computational Science has organized a one day Virtual Industry Visit on “Big Data Analytics in Healthcare” on January 29, 2022.The event was managed and held by Naturava Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and team. Through the event the students were introduced to different ways in which data-analytics is integrated in the field of healthcare to streamline the process of diagnosis and patient care. The resource person also gave students advice on the different professional qualifications that students need for a successful career in the field of big data and healthcare analytics. After the demonstrations, students got the opportunity to ask about career opportunities in the field and the different techniques to perform well during interviews.

Online Campus News

Online Workshop | Importance of Patient Safety

The School of Management and Commerce, Brainware University was pleased to hold an online workshop titled Importance of Patient Safety for its students on 22 January,2022 at 4.00 PM. The session was led by Dr. Supriya Sarkar, Group Chief Executive Officer and Quality Head, Bankers Group of Hospitals who enlightened the students about the importance of patient safety in the field of healthcare. He drew upon his vast experience and knowledge to demonstrate to the students the common errors one could find in this field and the proper procedure for handling such situations. He also identified various risks associated with patient safety and the established ways of mitigating these risks.

Orientation Session on IIC 4.0 Features

As a part of ongoing efforts to improve the innovation ecosystem in Higher Educational Institutions in India, The Ministry of Education Innovation Cell(MIC), Government of India organized an Orientation Session on IIC 4.0 Features on January 24, 2022 at 2:30 PM. The discussions were mainly focused on the implementation of new measures to facilitate better collaboration between different HEIs and the ways in which students can be motivated to take up entrepreneurship as a viable career option. Mr. Dipan Kumar Sahu(Assistant Innovation Director, MoE Innovation Cell) conducted the Orientation programme. The process of registration and participation according to the IIC 4.0 portal and added features were discussed. criterion in place to measure the efforts of the IIC at institutional level. institutions, and student bodies. Through this endeavor we hope to contribute towards building a self-reliant India.

Online Workshop | Story-Board and Script Writing

Deep Focus Cine Club, Department of Multimedia, Brainware University was pleased to organize Day 2 of the online workshop titled Story-Board and Script Writing for Film on January 25, 2022 at 3:30 PM. The concluding day of the workshop was led by Rajesh Dutta and Ipsita Roy Sarkar who are Film Directors and Screenplay Writers associated with the films 61 Garpar Lane and Abar Basanta Bilap. The experienced duo took the students on a whirlwind tour through the ins and outs of the film and media industry, offering them an insider perspective on exactly what goes into the process of creating a successful story-board or a script.

Orientation Programme on National Innovation and Startup Policy

The National Innovation and Startup Policy is a joint venture by MoE’s Innovation Cell and AICTE to promote a collaborative innovation ecosystem in Higher Education Institutions. As a part of this larger vision of creating a self-sustaining India, the Institutions Innovation Council of Brainware University organized a Orientation Programme on National Innovation and Startup Policy on January 21, 2022 at 4 PM. The programme was intended to familiarize student members and IIC departmental representatives with the guidelines of the policy to ensure its speedy implementation. Dr. Shivnath Ghosh(President, IIC) presided over the programme. Dr. Ghosh explained the processes at work to leverage the potential of a student's creative problem solving and entrepreneurial mind-set. He explained the need of establishing such systems to provide guidance and expert mentorship for students and faculty members.

Online lecture on 'Exploring Hicky: Bengal Gazette and Invention of Print Media in Colonial India'

The Central Library, Department of Media Science and Journalism, Department of Multimedia, Library of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Library of the Department of Law, Library of the Department of Nursing & the Department of English and Literary Studies of Brainware University were proud to jointly present a live online lecture titled 'Exploring Hicky: Bengal Gazette and Invention of Print Media in Colonial India' held on 29 January, 2022 at 5:00 pm. The key speech on Hicky was delivered by Dr. Andrew Otis, PhD in Journalism from Philip Merrill College of Journalism, University of Maryland. The speakers painted a compelling portrait of print, censorship and circulation in 18th century Bengal, and reminded the audience of the debt that contemporary print culture owes to the efforts of Hickey.

Highlight of the Msonth

1st National Conference on Posthumanism and the Ecological Crisis

On January 29,2022 the Department of English and Literary Studies organized the 1st National Conference on Posthumanism and the Ecological Crisis, a novel attempt at introducing students to a cutting edge area of critical inquiry. The conference provided a platform for scholars all over the world from India to Morocco, to come together for a round of intellectually stimulating discussions over the idea of the human. The conference commenced with the welcome address delivered by Honorable Vice Chancellor Dr. Sankar Gangopadhyay and Ms. Anandita Das.
The relevance of posthumanism in the current era of the virocene was foregrounded by Dr.Subhadeep Paul(Assistant Professor, Department of English, School of Literature, Language and Cultural Studies, Bankura University, West Bengal) in his keynote speech titled, “The Posthuman Patient in the Affective Virocene: Critiquing Ontological Non-Futures”.Dr Paul’s lecture gave way to the first technical session chaired by Dr. Mukulika Dattagupta(Associate Professor, Department of Language and Literature, Adamas University)where an attempt was made to interpret the anthropocene.In the afternoon session, keynote speaker Dr. Arka Chattopadhyay (Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Gandhinagar) discussed the idea of the animal subconscious, its presence or perceived absence and its impact on the debates surrounding posthumanism. The speakers of the technical session thereafter too highlighted the way that the discourse of the climate catastrophe is shaped by an anxiety about the human future.

Students’ Corner

Brainware University Celebrates Students’ Week

In order to celebrate the commitment and innovation of students and the youth of the country, Brainware University organised a week-long celebration of Students’ Week from January 3, 2022 to January 8, 2022. To give voice to the students’ opinions and aspirations we organised various events to test their creativity and critical thinking skills. On January 7, 2022 from 3:30 PM a quiz was conducted where students from all departments joined in to test their general knowledge. Questions were curated from a wide range of topics, from football teams to the obscure sounds of a song, the students had to put on their thinking caps and find the answers. Three teams were declared the winners at the end. The celebrations culminated with a creative writing competition where students expressed their opinions on various topics such as ‘Online education is the new normal’, ‘What makes a class interesting’, and ‘Mental health awareness among youth in India’.


Brainware University students are always one step ahead of the rest. We have a special Campus to Corporate department to stay on top of the placement scenario. No wonder in the current academic year the performance of the students is absolutely brilliant. We have committed 607 campus drives so far and our students have been placed in top companies such as Wipro, Upward, Xceedance and others. We have signed MoUs with leading healthcare & biotech organizations such as OPAMS Healthcare & Smart Management Consultancy for full-time placements and clinical internships. It is our promise that next year our students will only go upwards and onwards, succeeding in every aspect of their life.

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