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February - 2022

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Cover Story

National Science Day Celebration | Raman Effect

Raman Effect

To mark the discovery of the Raman Effect by renowned Indian physicist Sir C V Raman, the Departments of Physics and Chemistry, Brainware University in collaboration with the Institute’s Innovation cell organized an online seminar on 28th February, 2022 titled “Integrated Approach in Science and Technology for Sustainable Future”.  Prof. Sankar Gangopadhyay, Vice Chancellor acquainted the audience with the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the Raman effect and its wide-ranging applications in technological fields along with the importance of celebrating National Science Day. Prof. Kushal Goswami, Ex. HOD, Department of Physics, Jadavpur University, graced the occasion as chief guest and shared his knowledge about the different practical applications of science and technology. The programme ended with students sharing their own experiences about the importance of celebrating National Science Day.

Online Campus News

Live Lecture on Print in Colonial Bengal

Lecture on Print in Colonial Bengal

The Central Library, Department of Media Science and Journalism, Department of Multimedia, Library of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Library of the Department of Law, Library of the Department of Nursing & the Department of English and Literary Studies of Brainware University were proud to jointly present a live online lecture titled Exploring Hicky: Bengal Gazette and Invention of Print Media in Colonial India held on January 29, 2022. The key speech on Hicky was delivered by Dr. Andrew Otis ( PhD in Journalism, Philip Merrill College of Journalism, University of Maryland) . Ms. Moutusi Pal( Library Assistant, Central Library, Brainware University) also spoke on the Calcutta Press set up by Hicky.
The speakers painted a compelling portrait of print, censorship and circulation in 18th century Bengal, and reminded the audience of the debt that contemporary print culture owes to the efforts of Hicky.

Webinar on Process of Innovation & Development

Webinar on Process of Innovation & Development

The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Brainware University presented a webinar titled Process of Innovation & Development held on February 12, 2022. The webinar was led by Asoke Kumar Paul(Ex General Manager Incharge, R& D Centre, Steel Authority of India Limited). Mr. Paul outlined his understanding of innovation, and how it was crucial to achieving economic growth for any organization. It was an excellent session and students should feel lucky they got to listen to such an informative talk delivered by someone with the experience of Mr. Paul.

Workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights in Cyberspace”

Intellectual Property Rights in Cyberspace

The Institution Innovation Council in collaboration with the Department of Law,Brainware University organized an Online Workshop titled “Intellectual Property Rights in Cyberspace” on February 12, 2022. The workshop was led by Mr. Soumajit Raha(Special Public Prosecutor, Government of West Bengal and Guest Lecturer of National University of Juridical Science). Mr. Raha presented a very lucid demonstration involving the concept of Intellectual Property Rights with respect to Patent, Trademark, Domain name, Trade secrets and its relations with cyberspace utilizing national and international perspectives. Mr. Raha went on to discuss in detail the different types of cyber crimes and their causes by citing various landmark decisions. Students from various departments of BWU raised some questions, which were admirably handled by Mr. Raha.

Legal compliance for investment reporting for startups

Legal compliance for investment reporting for startups

To make the students understand the necessity of legal regulations required for start up businesses, the Department of Law, Brainware University, organised a seminar on Legal Compliances for investment reporting for Start-ups on February 17, 2022. Vaneeta Patnaik (Assistant Professor of Law, NUJS)was the key speaker of this event. Patnaik started the seminar by explaining the importance of law in a start-up. The speaker made the students aware that a lot of emerging businesses do not pay much attention to formalize the structure of the contracts which harms them in the long run. Student were enlightened by the session and asked questions on cryto-currency, law governing the indirect tax and taxation law in India.

Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development Phases

Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development Phases

On February 26, 2022, a workshop was arranged by the School of Management & Commerce in collaboration with IIC, Brainware University on the topic ‘Entrepreneurship Development Phases’. This workshop was beneficial for students to understand the phases of entrepreneurship development. The speaker, Mr. Avishek Sarkar(Director, Avishek Oil and Services Pvt. Ltd.) talked about entrepreneurship development and explained how the process helps to strengthen and create a holistic environment for entrepreneurs. The workshop was a wonderful opportunity for students to connect with industry insiders and learn about job-market prospects.

Highlight of the Month

National Webinar 2022 on Intellectual Property Rights & Industry Academia Collaboration

Intellectual Property Rights & Industry Academia Collaboration

Innovation is the backbone of a successful economy. To inspire students to innovate and improve, The Department of Pharmaceutical Technology in collaboration with the Department of Biotechnology organized a National Webinar 2022 on Intellectual Property Rights & Industry Academia Collaboration on February 26, 2022. Eminent speakers from diverse fields like nanobiotechnology and pharmaceutical technology instructed students on the ways to safeguard intellectual property rights and bridge the academia and industry divide. The program was inaugurated by Professor Sankar Gangopadhyay, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor who stressed on the need to build a robust innovation ecosystem. Vandana B. Patravale( Professor of Pharmaceutics, Institute of Chemical Technology, ICT ( earlier UDCT), University of Mumbai) shared how the field of nano-biotechnology can be a lucrative area for students. This session was followed by a wide array of discussions by several eminent scientists and researchers at the top of their field. The webinar was successful in presenting students with a wide range of career enhancing opportunities.

Students’ Corner

Field Visit and Educational Tour

Field Visit and Educational Tour

The Department of Law, Brainware University and the Institution Innovation Council organized an educational tour to Jhajra Colliery and Paschim Bardhaman District Court from 12 - 15 February, 2022 for the students of BBALLB (6th Semester) and LLB (6th Semester). A total of 27 students and 3 teachers were present on the trip and they visited the Maithon Dam on the second day of their visit. On the third day, they visited Jhajra Colliery and the AGM took them on a tour of the mine and gave a demonstration regarding the various safety procedures associated with the mine. On the same day, the teachers and students had a session with 2 Additional District Court Judges of Paschim Bardhaman District Court where the discussion was on IPR, Procedural Laws (Civil and Criminal) and career prospects in the legal field. On the last day, the students visited the court premises of Paschim Bardhaman District Court and visited different adjacent courts.It was a great experience for the students and we had several eye-opening sessions with eminent legal professionals. We hope to continue this practice so that they can easily bridge the gap between the classroom and the court.

The Start of a New Journey: Commencement of Offline Classes

Commencement of Offline Classes

Brainware University is pleased to announce the commencement of offline classes. The pandemic protocols had demanded that we hold online classes until the situation normalised in order to aid our healthcare workers who put up a great fight to safeguard us from the deadly virus. Now as we return to our campus and start classes in the normal order let us temper our joy with the memory of the struggles that frontline covid warriors have put up in order to ensure that we can carry on. We are happy to meet our students offline and let us continue to grow together and learn while following all the covid protocols. Let us remember while there is a ray of hope that is slowly overcoming the darkness, the fight is far from over.

Happy Holi

~Let the colour of life and hope wash away all sadness. Brainware University wishes you all a Happy Holi.~
Continue to be Responsible and Follow Covid Protocols to Ensure a Colorful Future

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