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Private Universities Are Transforming The Face Of Education In India

Living in the 21st century, we are active participants in shaping the world that is constantly evolving. While many things turn obsolete (such as the Telegram), we are also bombarded with newer concepts previously unheard of. Here’s a path-breaking phenomenon that has transformed the educational scenario of India – the advent of private universities and

Become a Certified Financial Accountant With Brainware

financial accountant
Every business, big or small, needs a financial accountant. So, there are thousands of jobs for the right candidates, trained accountants with the proper certifications. It’s a recession-proof profession. Irrespective of the economic situation, businesses must always have professional accountants. You can be hired as a full time accountant, cashier, payroll executive, tax advisor, audit

Break Into the Entertainment Industry With a Diploma in Video Editing!

Just as a seasoned chef turns spices and other ingredients into a yummy delight, a video editor creates visual masterpieces suitable for broadcasting from raw documentation and footage. If you have a fine eye for detail, a flair for storytelling, and passion for the audio-visual medium, a career as a video editor can be your

Depression amongst the Young Generation

A study based on the World Health Organization’s World Mental Health Survey Initiative observed that India has the highest rate of major depression in the world. The study, ‘Cross-national Epidemiology of DSM-IV Major Depressive Episode’ based on interviews of nearly 90,000 subjects across 18 countries with different income levels, was published in the peer-reviewed journal

Get Introduced to the Dream Venture, Brainware University

Brainware University has been established by Act XXXI of 2015 of the Government of West Bengal. It is granted a private university status by the Govt. of WB and runs under Sabita Devi Education Trust. It is a unitary private university, sprawling over a large lush green eco-friendly campus at Barasat, in the district of