Month: June 2017

How To Ace Engineering Exams

Quite a lot of times before, we have emphasized the importance of having a good Undergraduate record. However in order to get that coveted good GPA – you have to score decent marks in your internals as well as externals . We will be sharing a few tips on how to secure the perfect score…
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How To Make The Best of Your First Year at Engineering College

Life – or rather the rest of your life starts at college. The 4 years you spend at Engineering college – will shape your professional life to a large extent – the events you participated in, the contests you win, the reputation you build – the fields – academics or otherwise you excel at will…
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How To Get That Perfect GPA in Engineering

The one  BIG lie you will ever hear ( probably from your seniors) is that marks don’t matter. These three words are lies. Every one of em. Marks do matter. Period. If you want a decent internship , if you are looking for campus placements etc, then yes marks matter quite a lot. Most of…
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The Ex ( tra curricular) Factor :

                        In a lot of our essays here, we had stressed the importance of UG GPA, if one wants to be placed. As we all know that most of the quality companies has a GPA cut off from fresh graduates. because other things considered…
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Top Reasons Why Good Grades Are Eluding You ( Despite Studying Hard)

The semester results have been declared. You are anticipating a good result as you have studied dedicatedly throughout the year. Yet the report card gives you a surprise. And not a good one. You feel bewildered and shattered. How could this be?!! You had studied! You have been a dedicated student – staying up all…
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